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High quality mixing software is more affordable than ever and plugins that emulate expensive vintage gear is really amazing, but why do your mixes suck?  Well...

Mixing is a craft that takes years to master.

Just like songwriting or playing the guitar, you will need to devote significant time to learning the craft of mixing if you want to have a great sounding song.

Or, you could hire a professional mix engineer...

About Me

Hi, I'm Tim and I have been performing, recording and mixing music for over 20 years in Chicago.  I started out as a bass player and along the way I found myself obsessed with recording and mixing music. 

I've devoted years to honing my mixing skills. 

Take a listen to the songs I've mixed and if you like what you hear, Request A Quote.


My Mixes


Request A Quote

Want a FREE mix sample to test me out? 

No problem!  Just ask for a free test mix in the quote request form below.  I will mix a sample of your song.  If you're happy with the mix, you can purchase the full mix or hire me for your next project. 

Ready to get that song, EP or full length album mixed?  Fill out the Request form below for a quote.  

For general questions email me at tim.mceneany@gmail.com


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